Japanese Ju Jitsu Association

Ju Jitsu is unarmed combat. No rules apply, other than do not come second. Unarmed combat has been practised for two thousand years. If a country, town, or village had an army it taught unarmed combat. This served many purposes; it kept the men fit for battle, kept them from causing havoc in the town and taught them skills that might save their life if they found themselves without a weapon.

The Japanese with their highly sophisticated society turned this life saving skill into a life changing way of life and introduced a code of behaviour and progression.

The ethos in our clubs is to teach students Ju Jitsu and self defence in a friendly environment. We do not teach Japanese; all the moves are spoken and written in English.

Ju Jitsu is a self defence system that uses the opponents force against them. You do not have to be strong or particularly fit although once you begin training you may decide to increase your fitness level. Ju Jitsu will make you more supple, give you self confidence and give you the opportunity to look at the world in a more rounded way.

Each student learns

As in all disciplines regular training helps to build your reflexes and fix your mind set. Being taught to get out of a stranglehold without you experiencing a ‘strangle for real’ at some point in your training is doing a disservice to the student, this can be explained during the lesson. We always train in pairs so it is a hands-on training session; this is because in a ‘fight situation‘ the student will be faced by a person and not fresh air.

In the clubs students are taken at their own speed through the various grades denoted by different coloured belts. Gradings take place in the home club and cost £10 each. Although there is discipline on the mat the atmosphere is one of learning in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

To see what Japanese Ju Jitsu can do for you come along to one of the clubs and give it a try. The first lesson is free. You will be taken through a variety of techniques, none of which involve you in being thrown, which will aptly demonstrate the jujitsu way.


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+ Monday Evenings - Bursledon Village Hall, Long Lane
+ Tuesday - Hilldene Community Centre, 68 High Street, West End, Hampshire, SO30 3DU